Forget expecting “style point” wins in this league

So many fans somehow seem to expect a “style points” win every week where the Cowboys win in a dominant blowout….otherwise we suck. Truth is, style point wins in the NFL- like the one we had last week against the Vikings are very rare in the NFL.

If you watch our Game Day thread, some of our fans think we’re terrible if we have one 3 and out. If the defense gives up a big play, “We suck”. If it wasn’t so humorous it would be annoying.

Some fans demand a 17-0 season, we should score on every possession, the defense shuts out every opponent, absolutely no mistakes, or something is “wrong” with this team and all of its players. All penalties are only called against us, and that means there is a vast league conspiracy against us. By the same league who can’t even define what a catch looks like.

The truth is, the NFL is an incredibly competitive league with very little separation between any team. Every single game we play we are capable of winning of losing. And sometimes it may not be because the OC or quarterback sucks. It may be those other guys are sometimes good too. Their coaches and players get paid too.

Beating the giants 28-20 is a great win. Period.

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