I Guess I’ve Come Full Circle

When I came to America in 1969 I wanted to learn how to play "American Football'.

Friends here in Texas informed me that the best way to learn was to watch professional teams play on TV. They told me I should watch the Dallas Cowboys because they were one of the best teams.

The very first Cowboys game I watched was against the Minnesota Vikings during the 1970 season. The Cowboys lost in Minnesota 54-13.

What I remember the most was how pathetic the Cowboys quarterback played. He threw 3 INT's. They had another quarterback who also threw an INT.

I felt so sorry for the Dallas Cowboys and their quarterback that I adopted the team as the one I wanted to follow.

That season, the Cowboys rallied from a 5-4 start to their season by sweeping the rest of the regular season games as well as the two playoff games that put them in the Super Bowl for the first time.

They lost that Super Bowl game but the following year they got to the Super Bowl game and won, led by that SB's MVP and eventual HOFer, that pathetic quarterback I saw in the 1970 Minnesota game, Roger Staubach.

To this day, that 1970 game was the widest margin of defeat in an away game for the Cowboys in their history.

….which means the widest margin of defeat and the widest margin of victory for a Cowboys away game was against the same franchise, the Minnesota Vikings.

The former game was my first ever and the latter game is presently my last.

It took a while but I've come full circle, that 1970 game has been avenged.

Of course, my next game will be on Thanksgiving.

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