The Greatness of Zack Martin

Sometimes there are players that are so good, we either take them for granted or even forget just HOW great they are. An offensive lineman like Zack Martin is a good example of this.

Just look at Zack Martin’s accomplishments since he arrived in Dallas in 2014:

  • Five time First Team ALL PRO- 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2021
  • Seven time Pro bowler
  • Get this- He has more pro bowl appearances in his career (7) than holding penalties!
  • In his entire career, he has FIVE holding penalties.
  • He has been very durable- did not miss a game to injury until 2020.
  • In his 8 NFL seasons, he’s only allowed 12 sacks!
  • In six career playoff games, he has never allowed a sack.

So the next time any of us wonder, “Who is the BEST player on this team?” Zack Martin is the answer. This guy is headed to Canton, Ohio.

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