53-man Roster: Keep 4 TEs or 4 RBs or Neither?

I see some writers projecting 53-man rosters predicting the Cowboys initial 53. Some project keeping four running backs. Others project keeping four tight ends.

Does it really make sense to keep four RBs?

I can see them keeping 4 TEs, because it looks like Hendershot is already a player. And you have the Schultz contract situation looming overhead.

The same thing for RB. We have four, even five, talented running backs. My reasoning here would be, yes, we have Zeke's contract coming up (I think he restructures if he stays). But reality is running backs are a dime a dozen. And you're likely to be able to hit on running backs even if you lose Shampklin and Dowdle/Davis. So why would you keep 4 running back when a roster spot would be better used elsewhere? Isn't four kind of like too many cooks in the kitchen?

Personally, I want to keep the extra players on defense in the secondary and defensive line.

If I'm missing something about the reasoning behind keeping 4 running backs, feel free to chime in. I'm open to input as to why this could be a good idea.

Same for keeping four TEs, nor not keeping four of either.

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