If Tyler Smith plays left tackle we will be able to run well behind him

I do think based on his play at guard that we will be able to run well behind him. His power is very obvious, and that's going against tackles. Where he'll continue to have problems is with hand placement that will allow some of those speedy ends to escape and make stops in the backfield at times.

The hand placement issues will probably be particularly troublesome in pass protection. Top ends work all kinds of moves to get free and if your hand placement isn't good you'll either end up getting beaten or grabbing. When Tyler gets his hands right, I think he can lock out the DE the same way that Tyron does. He has shown that he has that kind of ability, along with the ability to reanchor and hold his ground. The question is how often top DEs are going to be able to cross up his hand placement, avoid his punch and cause him to lurch, etc.

I'm not expecting a Chaz Green level of fail if they end up starting Tyler at LT, but we should expect lots and lots of growing pains. That doesn't mean he eventually won't get there, because the talent is apparent, just that we might as well brace for a very bumpy learning curve if he's made the starter there. We already could see we were going to have one at LG, but LT puts him in space where it's harder to recover from your mistakes.

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