The future looks bright

This is probably going to be a long post as I will touch on several topics.

I think the first thing I want to say is that I am very excited about the young players we have on this team. It starts with the stars like Parsons, Diggs, and Lamb, but carries over to lots of players taken later in the draft or even in free agency. I think we have 2-3 guys at WR that can be really good, we have exciting guys like Dowdle, Davis and Shampklin in the backfield. Guys like Mukuamu, Sam Williams, Jabril Cox, Farniok, Waltezko, Ferguson, Hendershot and a few others makes it seem very promising.

Not just the young guys though, we have some veterans that are in their primes right now….this really should have been the time to roll the dice and go all in. Kearse, Schultz, Martin, Dak, Pollard, and Brown kind of fit the bill here. Even vets that may not be in their primes like Lawrence, Elliott, Barr, Hooker, and a few others. The role players that may never be stars but can be effective like Steele, Biadasz, Lewis, Armstrong, and guys on the DL like Golston, Bohanna and Gallimore.

I really think that this team has a ton of talent, as much as they have had in a long time. But with the talent there are glaring holes. The swing tackle situation has been a train wreck. We knew Tyron wouldn't play a whole season but we went in with the idea that a bunch of late rounds picks could fight it out and take the spot. It was wishful thinking and as usual, things went from shaky to downright crumbling right underneath us. And now we are caught between a rock and a hard place at one of the most important positions on the field. None of the choices seem great. We can throw a raw rookie out there and give him a baptism by fire. We can try switching guys at multiple positions to hopefully get the best 5 out there even if they aren't at their best positions. Or we can try finding a vet that is probably on the downside and hope they can give us a solid year. Never should have got to this point.

WR is also a huge question mark. We let a top 10-15 receiver go and did nothing to adequately replace him. I really think they missed the mark not resigning Wilson. I think he and Lamb would have made a decent pair and then if Gallup comes back healthy the receiving corp would have looked good. I like Tolbert but don't think he is gonna be a big contributor, at least not immediately. Brown might be improved but as a potential starter I am underwhelmed. Washington has been meh his whole career. Fehoko, Brown, Houston and Drummond have potential but that is all it is right now.

Kicker is a concern. I think Maher is better than Hallelujah and the rookie were, but he inspires little confidence until he makes some big kicks and I mean game winners, not necessarily 60 yarders. I think for now he has the job but I would keep looking for better options.

And finally, backup QB. Rush is what he is. A game manager. He can't really challenge you down the field so the passing game basically ends up in a box. I had some hope for Grier but he was Jekyll and Hyde last night. Really bad in the first half, much better in the second. Overall, not too excited. For the first time, DiNucci looked like he knew what he was doing. From the small sample, I'd say go with him over the other two.

Moving toward the season, I think the absolute must is finding a Tackle that can step in and play. Pretty much all of the available candidates have warts, but they are smaller warts than what we have now. Whitworth would be a dream, but Fisher or Peters would be ok I think. Not sure who is available on other team's rosters that we could consider a trade for, but how many teams are 4 good tackles deep?

The guys like Dak, Lawrence, Brown, Martin deserve the GM doing everything he can to give them a chance to win. Or it can just be another era of wasted talent like we have with Romo, Witten, Dez, and many others.

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