Just a bit of positivity!

Look, I get it. This was a depressing week. We can all agree that What makes it worse is that what happened was totally predictable and likely avoidable. Proper planning would have made this a speed bump, and not a catastrophic injury event.

WTBS, some good things have happened during the 2022 training camp.

Sam Williams is going to be a very good Edge rusher. Add that to the scheme that DQ runs, and he has the chance to have a crazy good rookie season.

Daron Bland was a helluva find. So much so that I’d cut bait and send “Boss Man Phat” on his way to the recording studio.

Jake Ferguson could be our TE of the future. There’s no way I would sign a long term deal with Dalton Shultz. He is athletic, and has a high ceiling. I think his YAC will give us something we haven’t had at TE since JW was a young stud.

Kavonte Turpin gives us a true returner. The NFL has already been put on notice. Every time he touches the ball he has a chance to take it to the house.

Finally, I believe Dak has got better. I’ve always been in the middle when it comes to Dak so I’m not saying this with an agenda. He just looks better, and this might be the year where we need him to be.

What are your positives from this years camp and preseason? Let’s keep this from being a debate, there are plenty of threads you can do that on. Don’t argue with the opinions of others who think something is positive.

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