My questions leading up to the first game

1. What can we expect from Tank? There really hasn't been a ton of talk about him either way. I personally like the player, and I think he does so many things that go unnoticed. But can he return to double digit sack form?

2. Why do we throw too much at rookies? Early in the preseason one of the head honchos said they think they threw too much at Tyler Smith. Now, Stephen said they have thrown too much at Tolbert. Why would you do this? Why wouldn't you give them one job to get comfortable with and then look to expand that as they get a little experience and confidence? We did the same thing with Parsons, fortunately he was able to handle it, but I think with 95% of all rookies you need to bring them in, have them focus on one spot and then increase their responsibilities as they show they can handle it.

3. Can this group of no name receivers hold things down until Gallup gets back? What about Washington? His timetable was 6-10 weeks and we are basically coming into week 6 now. Will we get any kind of spark out of him?

4. Will the interior DT be a strength? We have thrown a lot of draft capital into the spot. Hill, Odiggy, Gallimore, Bohanna, Ridgeway. It is time for them to step up.

5. Do we have a ton of pass rushing depth? Outside of Parsons, who has shown he can get after it, we have a lot of guys that have shown they can get to the QB for 6-8 sacks a year. Our 1985 team set the team record with 62 sacks. We had 41 last year. Could we see a big jump in total sacks this year?

6. Can Dak raise the level of those around him? It has been the buzzword from the front office lately when we didn't add any veterans into the mix at WR and OT before finally signing Peters. Can Dak make the OL look better than it is? Can he elevate a bunch of no name WR's?

7. Is Maher really gonna be the Kicker all year? I think one thing that might help him is that he has to realize that you don't have to kick every FG like it is a 60 yarder. With his leg, just an average swing will get the ball 50 yards. Slowing things down a bit and a little less effort might increase the accuracy on those must have kicks inside the 45.

8. Can the OL be average at least? We only have one position locked down right now and that is RG. Everything else is a question mark. Seems to be too much to ask for 4 guys to be better than they have ever been .

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