What’s really going on, and what’s this season really about?

Dallas drafted Tyler Smith to be the future left tackle with a precious first- round pick?

So, why would this franchise suddenly overpay a player on a multi-year contract to play left tackle?

Especially here. This is Stephen Jones we're talking about, who is finicky with the money these days and loves his cheap draft picks more than winning football games.

At least, for now he does, it seems.

There's another angle to this. The team is not-so-quietly stacking up cap room, and there's got to be a reason. Why would that be if this is the right structure to succeed and go for it. Key players are in their prime right now.

To me, it seems curious, if not a bit obvious.

This is a prove-it year for a lot of people. McCarthy, Moore, Dak, Zeke, Schultz, and perhaps Lamb are among those key people. They obviously love what's happening on the defensive side, but the offense remains an enigma wrapped in a puzzle. Hot and cold. Dynamic at times, but stuck in the mud when it matters.

Are they already consulting with Quinn about players and the right moves to make? Sean Payton? What do those two think of the offensive scheme and personnel?

Are they stacking cap space so they can act quickly if this season doesn't go well and the next staff wants to make big changes? Quinn, Payton, or whomever?

I'm not suggesting Quinn would sabotage the team, but his true thoughts as a great defensive mind about this offense do hold value. Is this path the right one? Who would he want where? Same for Sean Payton, who is very close to the Joneses. Do they meet regularly perhaps privately? Don't forget Lincoln Riley, too, who is also close to Jerry and Stephen.

It feels like they're drying the powder, rather than playing entirely for the now. That's OK, by the way. Ultimately, the coaches and players will decide how this thing goes.

Maybe I'm giving them too much credit, but there's a storm brewing one way or the other, good or bad.

Jerry and Stephen seem quiet these days by their standards. Keeping things close to the vest isn't their style, but here we are. Ton of good, young talent. Bright future in that regard, but what to do now?

This will be a very interesting season indeed.

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