That sound you’re hearing is the hype machine warming up

We are just a few weeks away from Cowboys 2024 training camp and everything that it implies. NFL Football is just around the corner and after a mostly disappointing and head scratching off-season, the Cowboys will once again head to Oxnard, California to begin preparations for this storied franchise’s 65th season. And the best hype and sales machine in all of professional sports is about to gear up again.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with fans getting excited and hopeful about another season. I fault no one who gets excited about TC, pre-season games and the daily reports we get from camp about which unheralded players are looking great. I’m looking forward to having some real football to get excited about myself.

But count me among those who don’t get too excited about training camp, ps games or reports of players who are having a “great camp” this summer. I take most of that hype with a huge grain of salt until the real bullets fly in games that count in the standings starting in September.

So here are some typical “hype” statements I’m almost guaranteeing we will hear in the coming weeks:

  • “__________ is having a great camp.” (Generic statement usually made about a young player who if he makes the team will probably only be on STs)
  • ”__________ is in the best shape of his life.” (Translation: It means nothing)
  • Some beat writer who covers practices will mention a “spectacular catch” or other great play made by some unheralded player who more than likely won’t make the team. (Remember the great catches made by the likes of TE Rico Gathers or WR TJ Vasher? Gathers had 3 career catches in a season and a half of NFL football, and Vasher never played a down of a regular season game. But they had great camps!)
  • ”________ is just out there making plays“. (Translation: We don’t have anything specific to say but we want you to get excited anyway)

Again, if you are a fan who gets exited about training camp or pre-season games, I support you enjoying all of it. I understand why many love it. I hope you will also understand why I just wait until September to get excited because to me so much of TC and preseason games are just hype.

So in a few weeks training camp opens and the hype machine begins its messaging. Hope we can all have fun with it however we choose.

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