These two players hold the key to improving our offense next year

It’s not Dak or Cedee Lamb or a healthy Michael Gallup or a more involved Tony Pollard.

In my view, there are two players who hold the key to improving our offense next season. They are both named Smith. Tyron and Tyler. If Tyler is capable of handling LG competently AND Tyron is healthy at LT all season, we have a chance for a much improved offense. Tyron hasn’t played a full season since 2015, so maybe we can only hope for something like 12-14 games.

Skill position players are always listed as the most important on the offense. They get the headlines and highlights. But I guarantee you every skill position player we have- Dak, Lamb, Zeke, Pollard, Gallup…whoever- will only be as successful as the offensive line who blocks for them. As this OL goes, so goes the offense.

I don’t care how good your skill position people are- with a bad OL, you can’t be a good offense. With a below average OL, there’s no running game followed by a weakened passing game where the defense can just rush the passer.

So an improved offense this year starts with the Smith boys.

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