Yesterday’s game had multiple reminders for us

Cowboys are 6-2 at the bye. They are 5-1 since that disaster to start the season against Tampa. Most of us, including me would not have predicted that back on opening night.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of several truths about the long NFL season and what that entails. Here are some of those reminders:

  • Things can change very quickly in the NFL. Right now, most fans and sports writers already think Philly has the NFCE wrapped up. Hardly. We have 9 games to play and the e-girls have 10. Tons of football left to be played. The giants lost yesterday and we leap frogged them into second place. Things change quickly.
  • Even a great defense like ours may need the offense to carry the day. Yesterday reminded us. In today's NFL, it’s very hard for any defense to dominate the opponent week after week. Yesterday, the offense carried the day. Most games, our defense may dominate. But not always.
  • Even a weaker NFL opponent can have a good game against us. The bears surprised many fans yesterday. But we should remember- this isn’t college football. All NFL teams have good players and coaches. Anyone can beat you. I’d didn’t think our defense played that bad. I think their offense is better than many thought.
  • Young players can develop into better players. This is a young team with many developing players. Most are getting better as the season progresses. Look at the young TEs we have in Ferguson and Hendershot. Sam Williams is getting better. Tyler Smith seems to be getting better at LT every week.
  • Teams develop and adapt too. All teams are constantly changing and developing. This is why you can’t assume when a team has a good or bad game that it won’t get better or worse. On opening night, too many of us assumed that was how the season would go. This team developed.

Tons of football left to be played. Yesterday reminded me that things change. Every week.

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