Unfortunate, but keep our chins up

It's unfortunate that we lost, but let's keep our chins up. We played a very good team. I know we don't like the Eagles, but they played a heck of a game and have a solid team. Also, we can't expect to win when we turn the ball over 3 times. Especially against that team. However, I saw things that worked against them that may have helped expose them. One of which being that, if we time our blitzes correctly, then Hurts is vulnerable. We also found ways to beat their secondary.

As for areas of improvement, one of them is going to take effect next week. I know we like Rush, and so do I. However, he's not a full-time starter. As a backup, he's been brilliant. Even tonight, he played a decent game aside from the 3 interceptions. However, let's face it, we don't score much with him. I think we can expect more points from Dak because he's a full-time starter and some of the throws Rush attempted and missed on (like the 3rd interception) are ones a player like Dak can be expected to hit. So, that's an area that I should think we will improve.

Another area is penalties and controlling emotions. Yes, I love the fire that our players play with such as Micah. However, they need to play smarter. This isn't the same NFL as 10+ years ago where you can smack talk your rivals. It'll get flagged. Our players can't let emotions cause them to make stupid errors. The penalties were our biggest killer, aside from the turnovers. Smarter play and better discipline could've won this game.

Fortunately, we play them again in Dallas and may again in the playoffs. I expect us to play better then.

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