The prospects of Cowboys most successful season since the 90’s

I’ve always said there is a time to rake the pieces of this franchise over the coals but we must also recognize when it’s time to take notice and applaud.

I certainly didn’t think going into this season we could be one of the better teams in NFC and have a reasonable shot at making some noise in the playoffs . This looked like more of a retooling season.

I don’t think anyone foresaw that some of the powers from recent season would take such a downfall with losing records like GB, TB and LA which has opened it up for teams like Dallas, Phil and Minn. And of these 3 current top teams in NFC we actually are a more seasoned playoff team presenting a formidable foe.

The Cowboys defense and and a re-emerging Cowboys offense with Prescotts return could boot this 2022 team to our most serious SB contender since 2014 which Jumbo so accurately stated in his outstanding thread.

Yea, I said it. SB contender. Yes, it helps that former strong contenders have fallen back this year. But something to be said for taking advantage.

We will learn more in upcoming weeks as we have a very tough road schedule coming up after the bye . But we have far exceeded my expectations sitting at 6-2.

The only dilemma we may face heading into the playoffs is being a Wild Card but if we are 5th or 6th seed could likely be playing at a division winner with a worse record .

Id like our chances much better if we only had to win a couple playoff games with at least one at home . Winning 3 on the road could be too much to ask for. But with this defense and if offense can continue this current trend we could be an extremely tough out. Strong running game and defense are a recipe for success in playoffs .

Grab your popcorn Cowboy fans . We could be in for our greatest season since the 90’s.

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