Tell me about this off season

How can this be (fill in all the catchy media phrases to describe our off-season) which just began really?

  • Worst off-season of the year?
  • Worst off-season in history?
  • A step backwards?

We lost a talented route runner who led the team in no category for receiving in 2021.

We lost a talented DE who had more silly penalties and more missed games than he had sacks.

We avoided 2 hugely talented players, one on offense and one on defense, who had not performed consistently to warrant those huge salaries and dependance by the team for another year.

I liked both players and the flashes they showed, and I was frustrated by their missed games, untimely errors, and lack of consistency or show-up in big games. I am also frustrated that the Cowboys don’t sign big name players in free agency so I can have hope for a little while in what we have on paper.

That said, here is my question for you. Just how bad have the Cowboys gone this off-season from the team that underperformed and didn’t win a playoff game? Assuming we complete our receiving corps and find our starting left guard in the remaining free agency and the draft, are we going to miss Cooper’s 865 yards and Gregory’s 15 tackles and 6 sacks in 12 games so much that we now have no chance to win a playoff game?

I’m not saying we didn’t want to sign big name players at 2-3 positions. But that part drives us crazy every year. It’s like people are basing our “worst off-season in history” on losing Gregory and Cooper. I’m not understanding that.

Today, give me a starting LG and I think our overall team will be just as successful as last year. Hit on 2-3 contributors in the draft, and I still think we may be more successful.

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