I think it is still possible for this team to end up much improved over the previous year

It would be nice if they could resolve a couple of issues before going into the draft but even if they don't they have the cap room to take advantage of some possible draft day trades(picks for players) or post draft roster adjustments(teams releasing players they have replaced in the draft)

In some ways current players on the roster may already lead to improvement.

3 tech – Gallimore healthy, Trysten Hill in a contract year and Odiggy with a year of experience.

S – Hooker healthy and a year in the system could be a major upgrade over Kazee.

Steele while not an upgrade over a healthy and motivated Collins is probably an upgrade over a non-motivated, non available Collins.

Dlaw appears healthy this year. Even with the loss of Gregory we may be better off than we were last year especially if another is added in the draft which is likely to happen. Dlaw, Armstrong, Fowler, Basham, part time Micah plus draft pick (Williams Mafe Etc.) could end up being the best group we have had in a while.

The TE position may be better off because Schultz plus draft pick(Kolar Woods etc,) is better than Schutz and injured Jarwin.

Biadazs might show improvement in year 3 or might be improved on in the draft.

A legit NT would be a game changer and unlike past D coordinators, I feel like Quinn is open to it.

Parsons, Vander-Esch, Healthy Cox and one more draft pick would give us a better LB core than we have had in a while.

It's hard to argue that we will be upgraded from a talent standpoint at WR after losing Cooper but we may be upgraded from a results stand point. For whatever reason Dak/Cooper never really meshed to the point of reaching full potential. Maybe a draft pick will be a better fit plus we may run more 12 personnel after adding another TE.

LG is going to be improved because it is clearly a point of emphasis in the draft and Williams was so bad especially penalties.

Any of the key positions of need not upgraded in the draft may be fixed following the draft with trades or signing replaced players on other teams.

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