Is The Defense Dominant?

I’ll be watching to see if the defense is truly a dominant unit anywhere near top defenses from the 70’s and 90’s in Dallas or like other dominant defenses. Or will they again be a bunch of great pass rushers making some big plays, but still allowing long drives and struggling against the run. I started a thread this morning which some of you got shut down before I could come home from work and golf to respond….lol. Way to go!

One comment asked what I expect Mike and Brian to do that Linehan, Garrett, and Moore didn’t do? Duh, hate to be insulting, but for over a decade I’ve listened to fans complain about our outdated offense and heard defenses (including SF) say they knew what we were running before the snap and often ran the routes better than our receivers, so yes, I’m expecting more of the west coast offense, more screens, more FB, more short passes and YAC, and lots more picks and bunch plays. No more 3 receivers all running 5-7 yard curls at the same time.

Another comment acted like I started another Dak thread….ummm, the title had Dak’s name in it, but it was clearly notifying anyone reading the title that I was hoping to avoid that topic, and the thread was more about how I think the defense has something to prove too. It’s one thing to be a good defense with lots of pass rushers and takeaways. It’s another thing to be an elite defense that actually dominates the opposition and forces lots of punting and a lopsided time of possession. I keep hoping our defense is approaching being more than opportunistic, better than playing complimentary football. Maybe that’s asking a lot, but I’m hoping.

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