Dak’s Interceptions, meaningless facts where I found no meaning

4 Losses

  • TB – 1 INT…..totally dominated start to finish.
  • GB – 2 first half INTs….came back for 28-14 lead. Defense allowed 14 points in 4th quarter. Lost on OT FG.
  • Jacks – 2 INTs. Defense gave up 27 points in second half. Almost in FG range to win. Pick six off Brown’s hands ended game.
  • Wash – pick six in first half after fumbles by punter and punt returner…dominated start to finish.

Target when passes Intercepted

  • Pollard 1
  • Hendershot 1
  • Gallup 2
  • Lamb 2
  • Brown 4
  • Shultz 5

All turnovers hurt momentum and sometimes the score during the game. Only 1 interception cost us the game or led to a winning score, Jacksonville. Others had no more impact on the W or L than a penalty or missed tackle or blown coverage. Some were the receiver’s fault; some were just good plays by the defense on tight plays…it happens. A couple could be attributed to being hit in mid-delivery.

However, way too many were poor decisions (pressing) or bad throws. An INT to the Washington LB for a TD last season didn’t bother me because it was easy to tell Dak didn’t see him behind another player….that happens to all QBs making good reads, good decisions and throwing to what looks like an open guy. I’m not the type to blame every bad result on the QB….the defensive players and coaches get paid too. But Dak has had way too many bad decisions for a veteran QB this season. It is uncharacteristic because no one can find a season like this in Dak’s career, but just because it is uncharacteristic doesn’t mean it isn’t concerning.

Dak is our best and only option at QB. Those of us who are fans of Dak hope this doesn’t continue into next season, but Jerry better bring in a viable draft pick or veteran backup QB this off-season. Dak is a veteran, confident and strong minded, so I’m not at all worried about his feelings. Evenif he turns that trend around in the playoffs, I still support bringing in a rookie with talent or a veteran backup, maybe both. I love what Rush did for us this year, but he did it when the OL was in better shape and the defense was being talked about like one of the very best, holding teams under 20 every week. No one would want to see him in a must win game now, and even if Dak craps the bed in a playoff game, the team would never bring him in to try for a spark.

Dak must be better and get back to his better play, but Jerry also needs to have a plan in place that’s more substantial than having two guys on the practice squad in the wings.

Go Cowboys!

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