Excited about the new plans at RB

Iā€™m excited that we are likely to have a new, improved different approach than what we had under Kellen Moore.

Excited that it will new offensive minds at hand in McCarthy and Schottenheimer for the RBs, .

One of my pet peeve with Kellen was his limitation as far as the RBs were concerned. Seems like Kellen hated RB screens. He did not have

the patience with them, did not try to develop them, and make them a legit weapon vs defenses.

As a result, Kellen actually helped the opposing defense.

Never caught them off guard as such… Never making them pay for blitzing and over-pursuit.

Defenses did not have to worry about RBs hurting them in pass game. We resorted to mere dump offs safety valve ā€“ if even that.

– The Pollard wheel route TD vs Vikes was one of the rare exceptions this year.

– What I do worry is if McCarthy ..( or the Jones?) is they feel we need the Thunder and Lightning approach- instead of having two Splash RBs.

Would our club imagine i(insist?) that we have to have:

– Mark Ingram ā€“ Alvin Kamara

– Marion Barber ā€“ Felix Jones

– A.J. Dillion/ Aaron Jones

– As a thought and result, we’d be working a reduced contract to keep Zeke Elliott, ..instead of moving on to a splash RB.

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