Takeaways from last night’s Super Bowl!

-The refs cannot decide a game. That 3rd down call was a touch foul at best. The commissioner was raving how the officiating is so good during the week, but it decided the football game for the championship of the league. Eagles down 3 with over a minute left still had a chance.

-Elite Offensive Lines were on display. Eagles led the league in sacks, Chiefs didn’t give up a single one. Eagles did the same. Chiefs lost to TB to cause their OL couldn’t hold up as did the Bengals this year. Cowboys need to finish their OL rebuilding job.

-Running the football still matters in this modern age of the game. Chiefs ran the ball over 150 yards, Eagles have one of the hardest run game to defend in this league. Hurts QB sneak in short yardage, probably the most indefensible play. Mobile QB’s getting those key 3rd down picks are also huge.

-Elite TE’s are such a mismatch for any defense. Yes, we know Kelce is special, but Godert was killing the Chiefs for most of the night, making tough catch after tough catch. Many want to resign Shultz, he probably has maxed out his talent, wants to be paid like Kelce and is no where near elite.

-Talent around Hurts is elite full of playmakers from their great OLine, elite TE and two #1 receivers. There is a big gap in offensive talent that we need to close this offseason, having Noah Brown as our #2 receiver is laughable, probably wouldn’t even make the Eagles final 53.

-Hurts is going to be a problem for a long time. It’s up to Dan Quinn to figure his kryptonite this offseason and ways to defend him moving forward. Eagles no doubt will be handing him a huge extension this offseason, where their talent might be less, but that offense is so unique to defend. They also have a top 10 pick in the draft.

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