How did Kellen Moore rise?

How did KM rise to the point where when he left Dallas he was unemployed for less than 2 hours? How did he manage to accomplish a cult like following of NFL front offices, general managers, and billionaire owners when he never was really successfully competitive in Dallas?

Here is the reason I ask these questions. Eric Bieniemy might be the best OC in the NFL. He is definitely the most consistent and successful.

There are only a few reasons he is not the lead candidate for every head coaching gig that is open, or has been opened for a few years. There are only a couple of them that I will accept as legitimate. It might be that he just doesn’t want to move on. He is doing the same thing that DQ is doing right now and just being the best coordinator in the league. Another one might be that he could know that Andy might be hanging it up and he has been promised the job after Reid leaves.

Either one of those reasons we can accept and should find admirable. Loyalty is hard to find nowadays and he has proven that he’s loyal to the HC as well as the KC organization.

I’m usually not one to bring up the worst reason that this could be. I refuse to be a believer in dumb conspiracies. But we do know that the club of NFL ownership is a good old boy network for sure. There’s no question about that and I hope to God that’s not the reason he is being overlooked every year.

By now, Bieniemy should’ve had the opportunity to be the HC in 12-13 different jobs. The work he did las night should be dissected and used for the development of offensive coaching going forward. It was absolutely phenomenal!!!

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