Decision time is almost here-in house fa’s/veteran cuts

The front office has a lot of difficult decisions this offseason, we also have to keep to mind, 3 big contracts are on the horizon: Diggs, Lamb, Parsons.

Dak-team needs cap space and extending his contract is the easiest way to accomplish this by spreading out his guarantees. If they believe he still is their long-term QB, no brainer, but if they have any reservations, leave the contract alone.

Tyron Smith has a over 17 million cap hit this season. For a player who plays a handful of games, not a smart decision, especially now that they have found his replacement in Tyler Smith. Could we see a similar pay cut, like we saw with DLaw? Team can save close to 10 million if he is released, even more if a June 1st cut

Zeke Elliot will either be released which saves close to 5 million, double that as a June 1st cut or accept a major pay cut, which I cannot see happening. Cannot see him accepting a 2-3 million dollar deal.

Players who probably priced themselves off the roster: Shultz, McGovern, Noah Brown, Cooper Rush.

All about the cost: Lve/Wilson. Think they want both back, but they aren’t going to overpay either.

Hankins should be a priority resign and won’t cost too much money. Watkins probably the same.

Let Barr walk.

Anthony Brown is a 30 year old coming off a achilles injury, time to move on.

Goodwin offers nothing outside of Special Teams, both Joseph/Wright can replace him. Same for Gifford.

Potential Defensive veteran cuts: Armstrong save 5.5 million, did nothing after they stopped all the twists/stunts. Might be him or Fowler. Gallimore is the 3rd string DT, saves 3 million. Lewis saves 5 million where Bland might be a better/cheaper option.

Maher had such a great year, until the yips in the playoffs. Think he returns, but they bring in legitimate competition.

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