Going into the annual vortex of personnel and draft changes; 15 things to consider

Me fellow lads, conractors and construction experts from the Punjab, this is a time tha is familiar to us, in our 27th year of wrack and ruin.

We are the perpetual maids of honor to weddings and coronations more suited to the shrewd, saavy and calculating. In other words, the antithesis of Jerald Jones, formerly of the Ozarks and now GM of the Cowboys.

In short, chaps and gal chaps, here are 5 things I believe are good things and 5 things that miff and peeve me. And 5 things that intrigue me, a man of refinement and an ebt card.

Holla, I am approachable if you don’t smell bad.

Good things

1. Ah, our Defence. Strong, swaggering and aggressive. Quinn the Mighty is still here. There will be continuity here in a Dallas sea of uncertainty. Parsons has been figured out and exposed on DE. So let the talkative lad excel as the best linebacker in the NFL. Diggs, Bland, Kearse (if he stays) with a motivated DLaw make this a top 3 in NFC defense.

2. Jimmy kept it simple, lads. He believed in a set of triplets. Not 2 RBs and 3 star WRs but 3 main components. QB, RB and WR. Alright chaps, talents like Aikman/Smith/Irvin don’t come around every day. But CeeDee and Pollard, if fully healthy, can be lesser versions of Irvin and Smith. Dak we are stuck with.

3. But if Dak can hand off the ball, use his legs even more and throw the occasional strike to CeeDee or Ferguson, we have a capable O.

4. Tyron leaving? Staying? Whatever, we still have great potential built around OLinemen Martin and Tyler Smith.

5. I am sure there is a No. 5 out there.

Things that miff and peeve me

1. With a D line that is porous, why doesn’t Micah have more help with another stud LB? I don’t trust LVE to stay healthy.

2. As much as I criticized Kellen, the idea of Fat Mac calling the plays is as appetizing as a gas station sandwich.

3. ShortenTimer will bring his offensive scheme to Dallas. But give them a year of Fat Mac calling plays and 6 losses and ShortenTimer and Fat Mac will be at each other throats.

4. I dunna want to see the dense Dak to have to relearn much with ShortenTimer bringing his new scheme. The lad Dak struggles with mechanics; don’t make him think much about new things.

5. Gallup has undergone the sturgeon’s knife once again. Why do we need this overpaid JAG who is that mangled?

Things tha intrigue me

1. Mike Solari. Remember tha name because I wont. He is known for his zone blocking scheme. I read somewhere tha he is keen for linemen to block to create gaps and thus create several routes for our RB. Tha way, blokes, instead of our RB waiting and hoping for a hole, he might have an option of 2 or more openings. My question is, this is sooo keen but if so, why don’t others use it tha much?

2. The draft. If Jerald does not pick OL/NT/QB in the first 3 rounds then he is a fool. A bigger fool. The intriguing part will be how Quinn and ShortenTimer will divide the draft goodies. Quinn is 1-2 players away from have a monster D. ShortenTimer needs OL/backup QB help/RB but might have to wait for rounds 3-6.

3. Parsons and Diggs did not live up to their spectacular rookie seasons. How will they respond in 2023?

4. Fat Mac play-calling is intriguing because this could easily backfire and cost us games. It could end his reign in Dallas.

5. How will Zeke be sent packing? Restructure? Waiver? Trade? Retirement. He smells. Not fit to even be on a practice squad. How will he go?

Holla and remember I am vulnerable at Valentine’s.

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