Surprised this game was so close

Now everyone will say because this was a division game and the Eagles have the best record in the league why would I be surprised the game was close.

The Eagles turned the ball over four times and we’re starting their second string quarterback.

The game was so close because the Eagles trenches outplayed our trenches They had six sacks and we had zero.

Dak put this team on his back and after his early mistake did everything in his power with his arm and legs to win this game for us .

Saying he was physically dominating is an understatement.

All that said our defense is somewhat of a concern because of its health The Eagles showed that they made a great move by signing Suh and Linville Joseph as they are getting roughly 40% of the defensive snaps and making an impact on their defense.

Jerry sat on his hands and let the eagles out maneuver us just when our defense was getting banged up. If we can’t get healthy by the playoffs this could be our undoing letting the Eagles beat us in this chess match of defensive free agents.

They already have the best offensive line They just line up at the goal line tell everybody they’re going to run and do it.

We have the talent in so many areas and had the opportunity to get the talent to take us over the top granted our coaching in the clutch is horrible poor Micah couldn’t even get a timeout when the defense was totally gassed

I think it would have been nice if somebody would have let everybody know on offense to avoid going out of bounds and make the clock run I mean McCarthy could do something constructive like that.

Hey nobody’s happier than me about getting a win over the Eagles on Christmas Eve but I see the foreshadowing of what’s to come and it’s concerning


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