Not many folks, locally or nationally, gave the Cowboys a Chance

Almost all the Fox talking heads, the BSPN talking heads, the Zoner talking heads gave no chance for the Cowboys to beat the Eagirls. And after the first series pick 6 to give the Eagirls a 10-0 lead it was looking pretty bleak. The haters were out in force. Dak sucks! The Cowboys suck! The rats were jumping off the ship in record numbers. The haters were pounding their little chests saying “I told you Dak sucks!”

The Cowboys offense never blinked. Led by Dak, they converted 10 3rd/4th down conversions 2 for touchdowns. The run game was going nowhere. The defense was struggling. Dak had to put this team on his shoulders and he kept bringing the team back from behind. Something the haters said he couldn’t do. Yet he did. Over and over. Lamb was doing #1 WR plays the haters said he couldn’t do.

The haters are focusing on the pick 6 which was a bad play by Dak. The haters are also ignoring the 27/35 for 3 td’s and a 77% completion rate. Ran for 41 yards. They totally ignore that. Won’t acknowledge it. Won’t acknowledge that the only reason the game was close was because of the defensive deficiencies due to injuries. So fellow Zoners, ignore these haters. See them for what they are. Listen to them and understand that they are clueless about football. Embrace this team. It’s different than the teams of recent years. They’re not faltering down the stretch but instead making big plays to win games. This team is resilient. Defensive players Hankins and LVE will be coming back. No reason to cheer against them like the Dak haters do. They are guys/girls of low character. Low morals. Ignore them. Don’t let them push a perception into reality. That’s what they are trying to do.

Go Cowboys!

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