Questions About Dallas 40 – Eagles 34

**The last series, Dallas kicked a field goal to get them to 40. Do you think they were giving their best effort to score a touchdown?

My opinion is, they were just protecting the ball. If the TD was there, then go get it. But by all means do not turn the ball over. Dak gave himself up for a sack to center the ball on the field. This is what makes me think they were more interested is killing the Eagles time outs, and force them to go the entire field to win.

**Rather be lucky than good. Was the T.Y. Hilton catch luck? Was it his skill set as a seasoned professional, who has terrific hands and ball skills?

The penalty he drew earlier in the game was simply a vet positioning himself with the route to draw the flag just in case. If that is the fact, then he will add to this corps of receivers by teaching them the nuances of his route forces the defender to risk a penalty or give up the reception.

**The offense was not particularly effective in the run game. But they stuck with it. This forum calls for the run over the pass so the team doesn’t risk turnovers. When they were two yards and a cloud of dust, what was your feeling about that?

**I have now decided, when Cee Dee puts his cross under his jersey, this is the same thing as Popeye eating a can of spinach. Amazing things will ensue.

**Maher is money. I prefer he doesn’t have to kick field goals, just extra points. But he has ice water in his veins. What a great skill player.

You can only play the team in front of you. This was a good win. What if doesn’t show up in the win/loss column. Dallas needs this same effort for the nest two weeks. I think, as it stands Dallas would go to Tampa Bay. If this Dallas team shows up there, Tommy Boy will be getting an early vacation.

That last statement may be a homer comment.

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