You Guys Are Ready for the Zeke Return. Right?

Trust me. I want to move on as well. I see these new guys as the future. My only regret is that I was unable to squeeze a guy like Aaron Shampklin or Quadree Ollison on the roster because I was holding on to a spot.

This whole "Top 5" conversation the Cowboys are having is because they obviously want to be flexible. And they obviously view Tyler Smith the starter over Tyron. I mean, let’s be honest. If we start Tyron, we can rest assured he will be injured for some games. He wasn’t great at RT last year, but he played admirably when he came back. If he can ever stay fit, and maintain his health, he could actually have a longer career.

Broadus was talking about why the Cowboys wouldn’t just let go of Tyrone Smith, like, they say, he’s preventing them from doing things, because they’re afraid to move on from his legacy, personal sentiment, and attachment to the player. To be fair to Broadus, who I noticed picked up his game through the draft process, in the media, at least, this was in the context of who the Best 5 were.

I was hating on Broaddus earlier in this season, but, at the same time, I gotta give him credit. When he’s paying attention, he has an interesting, if not often affirming perspective. He is also ballsy enough to give Iisha credit for scouting players. She’s young. But let her keep at this. She has something to her. If she can brush off the haters and just be herself, I can see her puling a Hellman up outta there, and hope she doesn’t Bayless.. For the time he spends on it, he has some decent perspective.

I think the most intelligent approach is that you plan on Tyron being the swing. And you find situations where Tyler Smith can go to guard. He can flex without missing too much of a beat, because, if you can’t tell, he also came from a football family. He helps you if you can somehow keep him healthy enough to manage to keep him on the roster, because he’s quality depth.

If Tyron starts . . . , well, I think that’s a mistake, just based on history, and could put you in a hole early on. You want to develop your talent, and have equity built up to back it up, so you shouldn’t risk your injury-prone backup. His number one focus should be getting in shape, and staying healthy.

On the other hand, if he comes into camp and just wants to compete for a job like everyone else, more power to him. So we do need to be prepared. And you just can’t have a first round OL at every position.

That said, it’s for these same reasons that Zeke comes back. He won’t be able to let go. I sense there may be some kind of agreement.

He’s coming back. I think they have planned for him to come back. And the media is just rolling along with.

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