NFL roster size questions and comments

I know that money is the main reason why NFL teams would like to avoid expanding the size of the active roster. I also think that there were way too many sloppy and tedious games throughout the league last year.

I think that the coming seasons for MLB will give NFL teams an idea of what a shorter game might mean for viewership enhancement and maintenance.

My general thoughts of benefits for roster expansion center on fewer sloppy football games and better execution (more points scored and fewer penalties after losing a key player). There are also more opportunities for the- from practice squad to star player stories to sell.

How would you propose an expansion to active rosters? I like the way they are trying to kind of help on this front by expanding the practice squad to 16 and allowing 55 active players (2 of which are from the practice squad per week). The game day roster needs the expansion though.

Could the NFL make it optional for a certain number of practice squad players to dress for a game day? They could place limits on how much the player could earn to just dress and also if they had to actually play some snaps. Keep it separate and optional from the routine salary cap. These players could still sign with other squads if they wanted as they do now.

Just some morning musings.

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