Seems like a great year to be “all in”

With the retirement (at least as of this moment) of Tom Brady and the move of Aaron Rodgers to the jets, going into 2023 the NFC is more wide open than any season in recent memory. In my opinion, however anyone ranks the remaining QBs in the NFC, it’s fairly clear that the Cowboys have a wider lane to at least go further than they’ve gone in the last 27 seasons. This team is closer to competing for a championship than in recent years.

Seems like a great year to go “all in”, right?

So far this off-season, the Cowboys FO has done a much better job of being active. The trade for Stephon Gilmore, the restructuring of multiple big contracts to clear space, the release of Zeke, the tag being placed on Tony Pollard are all good moves IMO. It’s been good to see some of these moves happen this off-season.

Now in the rest of the off-season, we have the opportunity to see what “going for it“ can really mean. We still need major upgrades to interior DL, probably another LB, a WR, drafted RBs, and some additional help in the OL.

This off-season is off to a better start than any in recent years. But much work remains. Time to GO FOR IT! Time to make even more bold moves to get better!

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