So far, how do you think they have done?

I think what they have do so far is great. VanDerEsch on a decent deal, wilson deal good, letting Zeke go, keeping pollard, restructure Tyron with an incentive deal based upon his availability, likey saying goodbye to schultz(Even though he is very underrated as far as his contributions) But you drafted those TEs last year knowing Schutlz was gone and the young guys need to step up. Stephon Gilmore for one of those 5th round picks they just got….

Now need a lineman in draft, RB, and lets see if we sign a DT here soon. If not, need to draft another.

The big one for me is getting Hopkins… thats who I want. The guy still balled out last year the second he returned from that suspension even playing with a hodge podge of QBs. We clearly need a WR.. so lets get going on that FO… isnt will McClay the man?? So Im gonna blame him if he doesnt get it done. He gets all the credit for anything that goes well.

So how would you rate them so far

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