Several teams may be interested in trading FOR this Cowboy

Several starting QBs across the NFL were hurt today to go along with guys guys like Aaron Rodgers and DeShawn Watson who were already hurt. Kurt Cousins may have blown an Achilles and Matt Stafford may be out for a while with his injured thumb. The jets may still be looking for a veteran backup since Zach Wilson has been meh. Sone teams are close enough to competing for a playoff spot and could use a vet QB now.

Some of those teams may be interested in trading for Cooper Rush. If the offer were right I would do it for these reasons:

  • Rush is not really in the future plans here.
  • The Cowboys need to see what they have in Trey Lance anyway.
  • Maybe a team would also part with a player we could use.

IMO the Cowboys would be wise to shop Rush right now while they are hopefully shopping for some other trade options to strengthen this roster. Would you be willing to trade Cooper Rush?

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