Year opens today, lots still to do

It appears the Cowboys will release Elliott today. Will it be take the hit now or later? If Later, then the money would be for draft choices and money during the season. If hit Now then most likely have their eye on a couple of free agents they will try to sign over the next couple of weeks.

Probably see Tyron Smith with a salary reduction today also which should save an additional $5 or so million. Could see them extend Gilmore to reduce his $10 million cap hit over three years. Would not be surprised to see them extend Dak another 5 years to lower the cap number even further with him. Seems they are trying to get Pollard to take a 3 year deal that would lower his cap number and of course Lawrence is always one to consider for a restructured contract. Lots of moving parts.

With free agency starting today, it will be interesting to see if Dallas resigns Fowler and/or Schultz this morning or at least within the next day or two.

Even with resigning Wilson and LVE and trading for Gilmore, they hopefully will be active in free agency looking for a WR, DT, and probably another CB, RB, and OG.

Guys that would be intriguing:

Dalton Risner OG – solid performer and should start at LG, seems to have a few anger issues but that would be a plus on OL, only allowed 3 sacks last year

Andrew Van Ginkel DE – good rotation piece, won’t be expensive and provides some very good experience

Alexander Mattison RB – probably resigns with Minnesota but a very good back and good rotation with Pollard

Greg Gaines NT – had a down year with the Rams but solid performer and extremely good run stuffer, should average about $5 mil a year

DJ Chark WR – has great speed, seems to be getting better each year

Rock Ya-Sin CB – physical CB and excellent man coverage, probably will cost for to much

Just because guys if we could

Fletcher Cox DT – more of a rotation guy now but extremely good and would love to stick it to the Eagles

Poona Ford DT/NT – young, short, powerful and always on the go

Frank Clark DE – just because he and Parsons at the same time on the field would be magical

Well happy checking all the wires today guys.

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