Best Drafts in Cowboys History

The Cowboys have a great overall draft history. Some of the best drafts in NFL history were by the Cowboys.

Here are the 3 BEST drafts IMO:

  • The 1964 Draft– easily the greatest draft in Cowboys history and one of the greatest in NFL history. A whopping 3 HOFers were in this draft. Here are some of the picks:
    • HOF CB Mel Renfro– taken in round 2. Played in 3 SBs and was a 10 time pro bowler in his 14 seasons. One of the greatest athletes in Cowboys history. A great return man as well as DB.
    • HOF WR Bob Hayes– a 7th round pick because most people thought he was just a track guy who was a gold medalist in the 100 meters in the 64 Olympics. He proved immediately in his rookie year he belonged scoring 13 TDs in one of the greatest rookie seasons in NFL history. His speed was responsible for changing the game forcing defenses to use zone coverages.
    • HOF QB Roger Staubach– because Roger had to serve a 5 year military commitment, Roger slid to the 12th round! He was not able to play until 1969 when he played as a 28 year old rookie. The greatest Cowboy played eleven seasons and won 12 playoff games including 4 NFC championships and 2 SBs.
  • The 1989 draft- The first draft of the Jerry Jones era kickstarted the team toward its dominant SB run of the 90s. Jimmy Johnson was an excellent talent evaluator and this draft was his first. Several key players in the 90s run were from the ‘89 draft.
    • HOF QB Troy Aikman (the last QB the Cowboys drafted in round one) Troy won 11 playoff games, 3 NFC championships and 3 SBs. Arguably the most accurate passer to play QB.
    • Darryl “Moose” Johnston– taken in round 2, Moose became a key component to Cowboys success as a blocker for Emmitt Smith and a solid receiver out of the backfield. Also was a STs monster on punt coverage too.
    • Center Mark Stepnoski– also taken in round 2, Step became the anchor of the greatest OL to lace em up. Although undersized he used his intelligence and quickness to master the position.
    • DE Tony Tolbert– a 4th round pick from UTEP, Tolbert became an excellent pass rusher opposite HOFer Charles Haley, making the Cowboys pass rush deadly in their 90s run.
  • The 1991 Draft– Jimmy Johnson once again hit on a great draft with several key players in the 90s SB run:
    • DT Russell Maryland– the first overall pick in the draft that year, Maryland became the inside anchor of a dominant DL that included Charles Haley, Tony Tolbert and Chad Hennings.
    • WR Alvin Harper– taken in 2nd round, Harper became an immediate impact player opposite HOF WR Michael Irvin. Harper made tons of big plays in playoff games.
    • OT Erik Williams- a third rounder who became an absolute beast at RT and a favorite of the late great John Madden. A car accident shortened what would have been a HOF career.
    • DT Leon Lett- a 7th round gem, Lett was a physically dominant DT who is famous for his good and bad plays. Lett has gone on to be an assistant coach for the Cowboys.

Here’s hoping the 2023 draft will become one of the best drafts we’ve had and propels us to a SB run.

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