Review: Tyron and Peters

Tyron was good. Anybody that says otherwise is clueless.

Peters was good enough.


Tyron 72%

Peters 28%

There was 1 snap where the entire OL was a step late off the ball and the pass rusher got past Tyron due to the late start. I assume that Biadasz snapped it early.

There was a short yardage run play where Tyron stepped outside off the snap and the DE jumped inside.

– The play looked odd because Martin started moving outside then kicked back inside to pick up a LB.

A couple of other plays by Tyron that were not perfect but not terrible.

There were many plays where a pass rusher ended up on the ground after the trademark Tyron 1-arm shove into the backfield.

Side Note: Tyler Smith was pulling and ran into the defender that Peters was blocking. I was surprised the defender did not get injured. It was a big collision. Peters did depart the field for the remainder of that series but returned later.

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