Realistic Outlook for this year’s Free Agency

We all have to keep in mind that the team has 4 big extensions on the horizon, 3 could be close to top of the market:

Diggs, Lamb, Steele, Parsons

They are all long-term pieces for this team and aren’t going anywhere.

We are fully aware how Stephen Jones uses free agency, plugs all holes with bridge, low cost starters so they don’t need to reach to fill a need in the draft. If they are going to spend big in fa, they have always done so with the WR position-major trades with Galloway, Roy Williams, Amari Cooper, signing TO, etc.


-I’m expecting either a big trade or big fa signing at the wide receiver position. Both Jerry/Stephen stated at the combine, they would like to add 1 more offensive weapon. OBJ is the favorite and would be the smallest cost as they don’t have to give up draft picks to sign him, but Hopkins, Cooks are all in play. Believe Noah Brown has priced himself off the roster.

-Shultz will playing elsewhere. The Cowboys offensive coaches stayed back last weekend to work on their new scheme, except their TE Coach. This suggests they are looking to draft one this year and could be an higher pick than we have seen in years. TE Class is loaded this yr.

-McGovern will not be resigned, team reportedly loves Farnoik and he can play both G/C. Tyler Smith is expected to start at Guard this yr and Tyron moving back to Left Tackle. They will come up with an contingency plan for expected time missed for Tyron as they are comfortable with their three tackles.

-Think they are going to slow play Zeke Elliot, as they receive much more if he is a June 1st release. Jerry continues to say he wants him back, but Stephen says he cannot play on his current contract. Will Zeke accept a 2-3 million deal? They were looking at running backs at the combine, which suggests Zeke’s time could be over.


-There are reports that the team is far apart in contract discussions with Lve. If Lve signs with another team, we can expect another veteran starter to be signed. Clark isn’t ready and don’t think they want a rookie starter at the position nor move Parsons there full time. Yes, Bobby Wagner will be in play, will he take less to play with Dan Quinn? If Edwards was still here, I bet former Viking, Hendricks would become a Cowboy. My guess, Wagner will be signed and finish out his career here. Don’t think Barr returns.

-The same things are coming about Donovan Wilson, being far apart in contract discussion. Unlike Lve, they do have some in house replacement options. They also had close to 10 formal meeting at the combine with safety prospects. I am expecting to see Wilson signed on day 1 to a big contract for another team.

-Anthony Brown is now over 30, coming back from an achilles injury. Either they resign him to a low level, 1 yr deal to rehab with the team or they sign a bridge, starting fa. Word is that Diggs has been trying to recruit Patrick Peterson to sign with the team. He makes much more sense then trading for a Jalen Ramsey. Probably sign for less then 5 million and replace Brown as the starter.

-Dan Quinn forced the team to trade for a NT during the season, this would of never of happened during the Garrett years. Fully expected to see Jonathan Hankins resigned. Question is will they sign another NT or draft one on day 3 again like they did with Bohanna/Ridgeway? A’Shaun Robinson would be an excellent signing, heard Brockers has some interest. Fixing the run defense is priority #1 for the defense. As for the rest of the DL, Fowler might return on another 1 yr deal, if the cost is right.

Special Teams

-The Long Snapper will be resigned, question is what do they do about a place kicker? Do they sign a veteran fa like Gay from the Rams? This would be the best way to fix the position.

Free Agent Class

-OBJ, Wagner, Peterson, Hankins, Gay or someone similar at K.

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