It’s going to take another team effort this week!

Cowboys won in all these phases last week, they need to do the same to continue with Cooper Rush at QB:

-Offense for the most part really struggled last week, outside 1 TD scoring drive. However, they were efficient, scored 20 points, no penalties, just 1 turnover. Cannot have too many 3 and outs either as it will tire out our defense. Just manage the game and don't beat yourselves.

-Defense was fantastic last week, until late in the game wear it showed they played too many snaps due to the offense stalling in the 2nd half. This unit lead the league in turnovers last season, I believe they just have 1 thus far. Understandable playing top QB's, but that won't be the case this week. Must avoid those penalties that extend drives.

-Turpin must be a factor this week to flip field position as it might be one of those low scoring, grind it out games. Maher has to continue to be reliable with his kicks.

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