Free Agency and Outlook for 2023

We already have much chatter on what Jerry and the Cowboys are going to do. Some we like or some we don’t and really we all just have to accept it.

If, and that is a BIG IF, the Boys are truly going to something big then most likely it is going to be before the start of free agency with a huge signing or a trade. The thing is what could one expect based on what the so-called experts believe the Boys must do to make a better team on both the offense and defense. Or could they do both.

Here is what I can see happening and the why. First thing is the inevitable extension of Dak, the restructures of most likely Martin, Lawrence and Gallup, and most likely the reworking of Tyron Smith and Zeke Elliott’s contracts to lower their salary cap hits. Mistakes? Maybe. But they will happen.

Before free agency, I see the Boys trying to work out a deal for LVE and McQuaide and most likely on 3 year deals. I do believe Wilson and Schultz sign with new teams (later of why). Now comes what I believe they do to improve the team.

Could see them signing OBJ at WR if the deal works out to their liking in years and structure. Something like a 5 year deal that is really a 3 year deal in reality. Probably in the $40 million range for the 5 years.

Next for the BIG thing is a trade with the Rams for Jalen Ramsey CB. Why, well putting Ramsey across from Diggs and Bland in the slot with Kearse and Hooker at safety makes for a great secondary. Is Ramsey to expensive and the answer is yes under current salary but Dallas could and would redo the contract and probably see a 5 year deal worth $80 million with $50 million guaranteed but first two years of cap hit would probably be $8 million and $9 million. The out would be year 4 (end of year 3). Cost of the trade would be our 2nd and a 5th.

Then in free agency starting March 14th, we should see guys like Parris Campbell WR, Dalton Risner OG, Obo Okoronkwo DE, Greg Gaines DT, Azeez Al-Shaair LB and others similar that will be guys that no where near break the bank.

Then at the draft it becomes finding some playmakers probably 1st on offense and then hoping McClay finds some gems we get day three.

Why would Dallas do this? Think everyone knows that Jerry isn’t a spring chicken anymore and wants another title before the end comes for him. It is a make or break year for McCarthy. And knowing everyone here is salary cap gurus and hate that we will have to extend Lamb, Diggs, Steele, and Parsons to worry about, well don’t worry they will happen. The projected cap for 2024 is $256 million and close to $300 million in 2025 so contracts will be done with those numbers in mind.

But proof is in the pudding, so the next week should be interesting.

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