Ranking Our last 4 OCs


So which one of these guys was the most effective? And why? Rank them 1-4.

For me:

  • 1. Bill Callahan-2012-14- Did a great job with the run game, especially 2014 with DeMarco Murray.1-1 in the playoffs. Romo had his best year in 2014 under Callahan.
  • 2. Kellen Moore- 2019-22- his regular season offenses were consistently to shelf. Playoffs were another story. 1-2 in the playoffs.
  • 3. Scott Linehan-2015-18- two of his three years we made the playoffs but was way too quick to abandon the run game. 1-2 in the playoffs.
  • 4. Jason Garrett- 2007-11- His offenses were pretty decent early on with Romo but much like his personality, a bit vanilla. 1-2 in the playoffs. His 2007 team had the #1 seed but was a disappointing first round exit.

Interesting that all 4 of these OCs won one playoff game in their tenure but were never able to get another in the next round.

How would you rank these guys?

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