This is definitely a season to “go for it”

With the departure of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady from the NFC, it has been mentioned many times on this forum lately how “wide open” the NFC is for the taking going into the 2023 season. I totally agree.

NOW – this season- is the time to push all the chips you can responsibly push to go for it; to do everything feasible to put together a roster that can be more than just “relevant”. NOW Is the time for this front office to take some risks to make this team BETTER. Now is NOT the time to be risk averse. If Jerry has anything left in the tank to once again be that “wildcatter” he used to claim to be, NOW is the time to go for it.

I don’t know about anyone else, but after the last 28 seasons of not even winning a divisional playoff game, what have we got to lose by “going for it” this year? If we strike out at least we swung for the fences.

To me, listening to Stephen Jones explain why the salary cap limitations prevent us from doing things is like watching a hitter in baseball take a called third strike with two out with men on base. At least go down swinging! What are we afraid of? The 29th straight year of what we’ve been doing?

So with the draft ahead and the last parts of free agency afterward, these are some moves I want to see- needs that if addressed will obviously make us better immediately:

  • Offensive PlaymakersWR, RB and TE. Right now our playmakers are Tony Pollard, Cedee Lamb and Brandin Cooks. Getting Cooks was a big improvement, but we need another RB, another WR and a playmaking TE. I like Ferguson but he’s not enough IMO. I believe we will get some help there in the draft.
  • Run stuffers- IDL and LB- as much as our defense has improved the last two years, we are STILL vulnerable against the run. If we are serious about a deep playoff run, we MUST upgrade these two positions. I’m glad we resigned Hankins, but folks, he’s not enough. I love the Gilmore trade, but that won’t help our run defense. We need a road grader that can help immediately. We need a LB that can be a beast against the run. LVE is adequate but he’s not enough, not to mention he’s an injury risk.
  • OL Help- Tyler Smith was a great addition last year, but we are still very vulnerable here. I love Tyron Smith- he has truly been greatness for a long time. But folks we cannot count on this guy. He’s missed 32 games the last 3 seasons! Terance Steele will not be back until maybe October. Our OL needs some upgrading and depth. The Chuma Edoga signing is a good one year stop gap. We need more help here.

I commend the start to this off-season by our FO. The trades for Cooks and Gilmore look great. I like that they have been more assertive this off-season. But there is a ton of work left to be done. It’s time to go for it! If we fail after pushing all the chips forward, I would at least feel like we took a swing instead of just taking a called third strike.

Jimmy Johnson used to say “you make your own luck“ most of the time. Let‘s go for it NOW!

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