Wrapping up the in-house free agent discussions

About to start my deep dive into the draft prospects, but I wanted to finish evaluating what we all think should be done with our in-house fa’s:


-Pollard should be franchised. Gives the team time to see if he is healthy and who they are able to draft.

-Zeke shouldn’t be kept under any pay cut circumstance.

-Tyron stays 1 more season as Steele probably will miss half the season due to coming back from a late acl tear.

-Shultz has priced himself out and should be allowed to walk

-McGovern/Noah Brown have probably done the same, they will receive bigger contracts then what the team will want to pay.

Offseason Needs-WR x2, RB, TE, G.

Free Agent Hope-OBJ.

Yes, early on it’s looking like a heavy, offensive draft forthcoming, but is a good yr needing a RB/TE, but not so much a WR/G.


-Lve should be resigned, depending on his price. Perhaps 6 million per year would be a compromise for both parties.

-Hankins needs to be kept, he is the team’s only legitimate run NT on this roster.

-Both Brown/Lewis should be allowed to walk/released, as both are coming over of major injuries.

-Wilson has priced himself out for his return, team has a few replacements already in house.

-Armstrong’s play fell way off in the 2nd half, think he survives, but Gallimore might not, 3 million could be freed up, especially if Golston is now ahead of him.

-Fowler should resign to a similar contract.

-Barr will not be resigned.

Offseason Needs-CB, DT, LB

Free Agent Hope-Payne or Tomlinson.

If they can address DT in fa, I would expect them to find a day 1 starting Corner in the draft.

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