Fans grasping for Low-Hanging Fruit

Everyone seems to want to pretend they have an answer.

Dak let us down.

The team quit.

They weren’t prepared.

Penalties are the culprit.

They are frauds who won’t win another game.

All silly knee jerk reactions. You don’t win 10 games and destroy Philly a week ago if you are a fraud team.

Here are simple facts. Buffalo led 31-3 in the fourth quarter without the benefit of a single turnover Or quality field position.

They scored 31 points on TD drives of 75, 86, 76, and 67 yards to go with a 65 yard fg drive started at their 30.

They totaled 266 yards rushing and only completed 7 passes for 94 yards, 44 of that to the RB.

The eye test? Their defensive line dominated our OL and had fun blitzing on 3rd downs.

Their OL dominated our DL and had fun playing an extra OT to abuse our LBs and DBs, who couldn’t tackle anyone.

It wasn’t a case of quitting. They literally punished us physically. Our lines were playing catch all night, absorbing abuse.

That was the game. The refs letting them get away with fouls early like 2 head shots on Dak while sliding, along with hard hits while throwing the ball, yet calling a soft shove on DLaw just because Allen faked the call for a facemask hit and then penalizing our DBs when they tried to play the way the Bills DBs were playing didn’t help, but take away DLaw’s and Kearse’s soft penalties, the bottom line is the defense never had any chance of controlling the Bills run game, and our OL did not hold up at all.

Have my SB hopes been dashed? Yes, barring major injuries or illness, this team has very little chance of holding up to the same type of game from SF.

But, most teams cannot overmatch us the way the Bills did. Miami cannot play that physical style, nor can Detroit. The team needs to regroup and hope that someone knocks off SF before they entertain us.

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