A Big Serving of Blame for Dan Quinn

The Cowboys have shown they can both stop the run and keep the QB in the pocket when the scheme calls for it.

The Giants ran the ball down our throats early and Jones was escaping the pocket to run and pass. Quinn immediately slowed the pass rush and brought in the bigs. Parsons and other DEs stayed outside with their Rush lanes to make Jone win from the pocket, and we still got pressure. Once we were ahead, he turned the dogs loose again.

Today, he allowed undisciplined pass rushing the entire first half. Over and over again, they either gashed us running inside of the DEs outside path or they gashed us inside because the DTs were twisting and shooting instead of pushing with gap control. Why? Why let any team, regardless of the score, Rush for 180 yards in one half? Why let a backup QB with mobility run and get outside the pocket with time to find a receiver breaking late? We have the players and schemes to prevent it. Why allow that and then finally do something else in the second half, forcing punts early.

Aside from Quinn, so many penalties on both sides of the ball, but why did Harper hold way back near the punt team, no where near Turpin’s big return. The hold took place about 35 yards from where Turpin fielded the punt and before he fielded it. It’s like almost everyone was trying to do too much except for Mike who moved the ball well, but with a super conservative game plan that later allowed for extremely tight coverages by DBs who were not afraid of anything down the field.

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