Defense, Running Game, Possible Championship

Listening to 105.3 in Dallas this afternoon, they were discussing the game plan we have seen from this team over the last 6 weeks.

The question came up, could the Dallas D take the team to a championship? The consensus was it could, provided the offense limited turnovers. This started me thinking about what we are seeing. They claimed Dallas has the best defense in the league. I might concur, although I am hoping the Jones Twerps, oops, I meant Jones Twins, will use some of that money they have horded to bring in a DT, and possibly a WR.

I'd like to add a guard to this, but feel the rotation of Tyron, Tyler, and Jason Peters could be a rotation, like the defensive line, which might fix that problem.

To sum up, the afternoon crew with Broaddus thinks if the running game can continue to gin, Dak plays within the game plan, and the defense becomes the bully on the block, this team can get to the Dance.

When Jerry spoke about the game plan featuring the run and defense he said this is how play-off games are played and won. So the thinking is this style of football is what is needed to win.

One last point that is my opinion. If Dak can give the team 250 yards with fewer than 8 turnovers for the rest of the season, would that satisfy the Dakstabbers?

It seems to me the disgruntled were complaining about the yards Dak threw for this past Sunday, but they are the same as the folks who complain about garbage time yards. This would make Dak a bus driver.

And maybe that is exactly what needs to take place.

Looking for opinions on the style of football being played, and how far you think they could go.

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