Two Issues About Eagles Game That Needs Explaining

Two issues that I can’t quite wrap my head around in regard to the excuses, or alibis being made about the Eagles win.

1. Dak Prescott threw for over 300 yards in the game. He is the only QB to throw for over 300 yards against the Eagles this season. Kyler Murray is the next QB on the list at 250 yards.

2. The Eagles have the second best defense in the league. The same defense that gave up 300 yards and 40 points to Dak. After being spotted 10 points in the first quarter.

Now some may make the case the Eagles were missing players on their vaunted defense. But the laundry list of Cowboys who are on the walking wounded list is fairly significant, as well.

Hurts is a phenomenal player when he runs. That makes the RPO deadly. But the Dallas offense put up 40 points, and with a small bit of luck could have pushed that to 44 or more.

In both games this season, one team had their starting QB out for the game. The team with their starter won the game.

In the case of the Eagles, they still had the number two defense on the field. And yet the Dallas offense won the game. Even with the Eagles offense – who still had all their skill players but Hurts – put up 28 points.

If health is not a factor, why should the Cowboys fear the Eagles in a head to head rematch in the playoffs?

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