Prescott’s interceptions aren’t the issue

Dak has never thrown a lot of interceptions; that always impressed me. So, as much as I like Kellen Moore, I would tend to put the interceptions from last year on him- asking Dak to do too much.

Dak’s issue is his inability to be the reason that the Cowboys win against teams when the pressure is on; his tendency to choke rather than step up when things aren’t going well.

The Cowboys and the Bengals were the two best teams in the NFL last year, and those two teams should have been in the Super Bowl. Yet Dak was terrible against the 49’ers, even though the defense had San Francisco well under control. Brock Purdy was in over his head, and not yet ready for a game against the Cowboys with that much at stake. Even if he had been, the 49’ers were not as good as Dallas if the Cowboys had a real quarterback.

The Cowboys should have easily beaten the Niners, and Philadelphia would have fallen as well if Dallas had the talent under center to match the rest of the team. The Cowboys can chalk a lost Super Bowl opportunity up to Dak. And it’s not the first one.

This is how bad Dak hurts the team. He seems like a great guy, but he’s never stepped up when a real quarterback would. Expect the same this season.

The Bengals were unfairly made to play on the road, despite having the best team, because of the Damar Hamlin event that cost them a win and unfairly awarded home field to the Chiefs.

Mike McCarthy will have to find away around Dak if he expects success.

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