I’m glad the NFL has returned to running and defense

It's great to see so many teams return to running the ball instead of the pass happy games that had become the norm over the past few years.

And defenses across the league are holding opponents to the teens in scoring more now.

It was bound to happen, as offensive coordinators recognized that defenses were built for speed and lighter defenders to rush the passer and cover the receivers/tight ends, and neglecting the run defense. Every team needs a great offensive line to protect the quarterback either way, so why not take advantage of lighter built defenses by running the ball?

And, during this time of transition, the team that finds the right balance is the team to be reckoned with.

Dallas has two elite backs, and while the defense struggles against the run at times, they are able to rush the quarterback and provide enough run defense to manage games against teams not yet up to speed in the run game.

Who knows? We might start seeing fullbacks in the backfield again and receiving backs that always give the quarterback an option when protection breaks down.

The question is, who will be the team that finds the right balance on both sides to put them on top.

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