I am excited for training camp this year

I am very excited for training camp. What a difference a year makes! Last year, going into camp, we had controversy surrounding the Amari Cooper trade. That left us with Lamb, Gallup (coming off a late season ACL injury, and he didn’t return until almost midway in the season), Noah Brown, a rookie Tolbert, Fehoko, and a bunch of UDFAs like Dennis Houston. Not exactly WR royalty. We also didn’t exactly have a great CB opposite Diggs. We were relying on a 5th round NT, who we cut before the season. Oh, and we had the media sniffing around frequently asking if McCarthy was going to get the sack for Payton everytime he filled his coffee. We were being told that the team had too much controversy and not enough talent to be good enough last season. We then lost Dak for 5 games and were told we should just tank and get Payton. But, then Cooper Rush went 4-1. Dak came back, and you all know the rest of the story from last year.

Now, we come to this year. Firstly, *knocks on wood* have you noticed that this has been a very quiet offseason for the Cowboys? Usually by now, a player or decision would’ve been made to set the team on fire. But, this seems to be the quietest offseason I’ve seen from the Cowboys in a while, and I love it. It makes it easier for the team to focus, and we don’t seem to have any obvious suspensions coming down the pipe. Secondly, we improved our WR group with Cooks, and Lamb should be better now that he’s had another full offseason to rehabilitate his leg. So, now we enter TC with our first 3 WRs being Lamb, Cooks, and what should be a healthy Gallup. What a change that is! Plus, I think we upgraded at TE with Schoonmacher over Schultz. Our CB opposite Diggs is now Gillmore. That should make Diggs’ job easier. Oh, and now we have Hankins and Mazi Smith at NT. Mazi is the first NT we’ve taken in the first round since Russell Maryland. I’m excited for how he develops. We also just signed a kicker from the Birmingham Stallions, who I saw last week in the Championship. He looked very good. All in all, this should be a fun and exciting Training Camp. I, for one, am excited to see how it plays out.

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