How the Cowboys can beat Tampa Bay and have Dak play great

IF the Cowboys will focus on their run game and plays that don’t put the onus on Dak to make the difference, he’ll have a great game. Dak doesn’t respond well to game plans or situations that revolve around and depend on his ability to move the team.

But, if he is not the central focus of the offensive scheme, and the Cowboys defense plays aggressive early, Dak will shine. Any time the coaches see Dak being pressured to make a play, they must change the narrative and keep the pressure on the running backs.

Dak is great when he doesn’t feel that he has to be the leader. If the Cowboys can grab the momentum early and Dak can take his time assimilating into the game plan, that’s when he is at his best. He’s that way because he is a nice guy, and doesn’t know how to be the guy that is "in your face" with the game.

In short, the Cowboys can count on Dak’s best if he doesn’t know they are counting on it.

Some players are just that way. Dak is a chameleon; he plays like the rest of the team is playing – good, or bad. He’ll play great if he feels like the rest of the team is carrying the load..

Mark my word; If Dak is relaxed when he hits the field and is allowed to think the rest of the team will carry him, he’ll play well. But if he thinks the pressure is on him get ready for some three-and-outs.

This is the secret to Dak Prescott. He wants to be part of the team and enjoy their success, but he doesn’t want to have to lead them.

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