Post Wk 15: QB Combined Statistical Ranking

I’ll repeat the intro from previous weeks….

I did this the last few years.

It pretty much delivers the league MVP every year.

Don’t get too worked up over this. Just data.

Combine and average the QBs’ rank of the following two categories and tally.

  1. Differential: Total TDs (Passing/Rushing TDs ) – Total Turnovers ….This reduces bus-driving a little bit
  2. Standard NFL Passer Rating

This is where we stand after 15 weeks (14 games)

3-way tie at the top

  1. Mahomes (tied 1st, MVP candidate)
  2. Hurts (tied 1st, MVP candidate)
  3. Tagovailoa (tied 1st (MVP candidate?)
  4. Burrow (almost caught up to the top 4)
  5. G Smith (career year, by far)
  6. Allen (closing the gap)
  7. Garoppolo ( out for year, may remove him soon)
  8. Goff
  9. Lawrence (keeps rising
  10. Cousins (also rising)
  11. Dalton (hard to believe, but there he is)
  12. Carr …the next 8 QBs are all bunched together
  13. Rodgers (historically low for him)
  14. Brady
  15. Herbert
  16. Jackson
  17. Tannehill
  18. PRESCOTT (tied 18th)
  19. Fields (tied 18th)
  20. D Jones
  21. Mariotta (benched)
  22. Murray
  23. Brissett
  24. R Wilson
  25. Heinike
  26. Stafford (out for season)
  27. Wentz
  28. Rush
  29. Mayfield
  30. M Jones
  31. Mills
  32. Z Wilson
  33. Ryan
  34. Pickett

Players not included due to not of enough games played:

Darnold, Purdy, White, K Allen, Huntley, Rypien, Trubisky, Watson, McCoy.

Here are the prior week’s results

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