The Jacksonville loss came at the perfect time, where do we go from here?

After re-watching the Jacksonville tape, I am certain that the team can clean up the mistakes. The Jacksonville loss came at the perfect time, where do we go from here? This loss will make the team aware of situational football. From poor play calls, to lack of execution to missed tackles there is plenty of areas the team can improve. Losing like this stings. The team will pulverize Philly.

  1. Not getting a first down at the end of regulation is an eye opener. Dallas should have imposed their will pounding the run between the tackles on first down. Ran the ball on second, then had a manageable third down. I would have loved to have seen a Super Jumbo package with Peters as a TE beside Tyron. I am not opposed to a pass on 3rd down, however it has to be completed. I would have rather seen the a spread formation instead of max protection. Pollard, Lamb, and Shultz are all chain movers. A 3 yard positive gain at least keeps the clock moving.
  2. The defense has enough bad film and realize that team’s will run the ball and try quick passes. DQ will strategize and be prepared, I expect Tank and Kearse to step up and stop this. I also expect for Quinn to use a deeper rotation to keep the team fresher. I am not hating on Bossman, the young pup will adjust his game. I don’t expect him to start, however when he is in the game, he will play at a higher level. I guarantee that he will improve by leaps and bounds from studying and coaching.
  3. Dak and Moore can clean this up. I rather see this in the regular season than in the playoffs. This team has enough playmakers to be formidable. They need to establish the run and lean on it heavily throughout the game. I expect the receivers to be more sure handed, Brown will go off now, watch him kill guys blocking now.
  4. After this team wins the Superbowl, this Jacksonville game will have been the tape that the team will have learned the most from. I love being a Cowboys’ fan. This 10 win season has been exciting.
  5. Enjoys the ride fellas, we are Superbowl bound. Thank goodness for this loss, humble pie is a great learning dessert.

Go Dallas!!!

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